Thursday, 25 October 2012

10 Facts About Chocolates

The best things in life are chocolates, Today we decided to make our readers tongue little sweet, and tell something about the chocolates which is a love now of everyone..specially girls..take a look…

1. The very first candy appeared in Egypt. Because the sugar at the time was not yet known, instead, used the dates and honey. In the East, candy made from almonds and figs, as in ancient Rome cooked nuts and poppy seeds with honey and covered with sesame seeds. We also have something like candy at that time: in ancient Rus they were made of maple syrup, molasses and honey.

2. The most unjustly accused of sweets – chocolate. In Europe in the XVI century, during the craze of chocolate, he attributed magical and medicinal properties. Naturally, expectations were not fulfilled, and then he began to consider the source of virtually all ills. One young woman wrote to her friend: “I advise you not to eat more chocolate. My friend ate it during pregnancy and gave birth to a completely black child.”


3. The most romantic candy is with strawberry jam,considered by German psychologists, people prefer bold cherry filling, shy – a nut, and creative – a coconut.


4. At the beginning of the XIX century, even the rich and noble lady, being at dinner receptions discreetly hidden in handbags candy. The explanation is simply indecent behavior: in Russia there was no confectioneries, and every confectioner for every dinner party prepared the candy on his own recipe, which was kept in the strictest confidence.


5. The most famous candy – a praline. They were invented in 1663. Chef cooked them specially for the French Ambassador to Germany, and pralines still holds the record for sales in Germany and Switzerland.


6. Master Food Company produced the largest box of chocolates for the world’s cooking show. In the box width of 1.5 and 2.5 meters in length included 800 kg of chocolates!


7. The biggest candy – it’s nicknamed Bear Hagi-Boy height 1.68 meters and weighing 633 pounds. His firm did confectioners Gummi Bear Factory. Bear needed to cast a special form of weight 4 tons. Bathed in the form of fruit pulp dried up about two weeks, after which it was taken out and polished to a shine.


8. Most cosmic sweet – lollipop. In 1995, the Russian cosmonauts on the Mir station were asked to send them to the earth’s candy. In the MCC, it was decided that the safest in weightless will be sweets lollipop. Astronauts with lollipop shot on video and commercial company Chupa Chups has brought glory to the world’s only candy that was popular not only on Earth but in space.


9. The most unusual in the world of sweets, it’s – Finnish candy. Finns make them sour (not sweet taste), salt (for beer) and even with a taste similar to oil!

10. Most Soviet candy – the famous collection of bird’s milk. Initially it was a cake and cooked it in the company ROT FRONT. The secret was making agar-agar – gelatin, which is extracted from seaweed. He, incidentally, its also used for finishing fabrics.

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