Sunday, 9 December 2012

Slept with Memory

As I went to bed last night,...
I started turning leaves of my
memory of the past,how
everything started  between us.
Suddenly all the desperation and
restlessness was replaced by the feeling
of content and happiness.
The seed of this were sown by
the emotional bond which was
evolved between the two this duration.
Gradually got serious the seeds
of love replacing the bitterness
within me and towards the world.
Now the memories are giving
me  pleasant surprise,
For I know tomorrow
someone more deserving than I
will snatch you from me
or you think of turning back on me...
but the memories no one can
take away from me.
boyfriend, country love, couple, couples, cute
I can live through the life with
those memories,will be cherished
in my heart forever.
So my lifetime friend,..
it is with all my heart hoping that
you'll  always  carry my smile with you,
for all we have meant to each other
and for whatever the future holds,
always remember that,..
no matter how far you are,
No matter how long I'm gone,
you will always be with me.
It's those memories that give
us strength to go on.
I Love You

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