Monday, 1 April 2013

OMG !! Ancient Dinosaur Egg @ Rs.151 + Free Shipping at


Dinasour Eggs

Here is something very interesting, Groupon India on ocassion of 1st April 2013 is offering An Antique Centerpiece and that is -One ancient Velociraptor Monogliensis Dinosaur egg at just Rs.151 along with free shipping. The even more interesting thing is that the images shown by groupon for 75 millions years old Dinosaur eggs are very similar to present Ostrich Eggs.

Earlier this year, scientists discovered a large number of dinosaur eggs deep in the Sunderban Forests. Although this was a significant finding, the eggs were found to be those of the Velociraptor Monogliensis. Although the Velociraptor has been long extinct, several of its egg clusters have been found across the world and almost every museum of Natural History has at least three such Velociraptor eggs. After convening with experts from across the country, the Department of Natural History decided to auction  these eggs since there was simply no more space left in museums in India and the resting conditions of the eggs might be compromised.

The Groupon Team was fortunate enough to attend this auction and purchase the entire lot of eggs. As a gesture of goodwill to our customers, we are now putting these eggs up for sale at cost price. This is a non-profit sale. All we ask is that these eggs be given a loving and caring home. They make wonderful centerpieces and are excellent conversation starters. Use them to decorate your desk, bookshelf or kitchen counter.The Velociraptor meaning 'swift seizer' was a genus of dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur that existed approximately 75 to 71 million years ago during the later part of the Cretaceous Period. It was fiercely protective of its eggs (as evidenced in the Steven Spielberg classic – Jurassic Park) and would go to great lengths to protect the brood. It is only fitting that it's last remnants find a good home.

So, Pay just Rs.151 and own a wonderful piece of pre-history today!

How to get Ancient Dinosaur Egg @ Rs.151

  • Go to Ancient Dinosaur Egg offer page
  • Add it to the cart by clicking on "Buy Now"
  • Login/Register
  • Fill/Update shipping details
  • and then Make Yourself April Fool !!!!

Happy April Fool Day !! our beloved readers. The whole purpose of posting this offer was to increase awareness among us that we have to be very careful and logical while spending our hard earn cash on shopping.

We deeply apologize if some how this awesome offer kills your valueable time

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